Whether you have been following God your entire life or are just beginning your faith journey, you are welcome here. 

Parking is convenient and our building is wheelchair accessible. 


We are located at the corner of Windermere and Warrior Road, in the same building as one of our ministries, The Children's Lighthouse Learning Center, and across the street from Southwest Aquatics.  

Entrance to our Worship Center is past the entrance to the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center. Parking is easily accessible and handicap parking available near the Worship Center doors.

Our address is:

228 Windermere Road; Winter Garden, FL 34787



We are a congregation united by our love for Jesus and committed to a common mission to share the gospel and be Christ in the community. In addition to Sunday morning worship, we have a number vibrant ministries that allow us live our faith, grow in our relationship with the Lord and connect with each other.  There is so much for you to be a part of.



Church can be an intimidating place to visit - especially if you don’t know what to expect - so we want to answer most of your questions before you even arrive. That way, you will feel more at home.  We can't wait to meet you!

Who is welcome? Everyone is welcome! Our diverse worshiping community includes singles, young families, kids, and older adults. Our members come from all corners of the US and the world - including Indonesia, the Caribbean and South American countries. We are part of the Florida-Bahamas synod, which is a Reconciling in Christ synod and as such, we welcome LGBTQ into our worshiping and ministry community. 

Is the building handicapped accessible?  Yes.  Everything for the worshipers is on one level and easily accessible.  Handicap parking is available as well. 

What is the Sunday morning style of worship?  It is a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, in a theater style setting, which are blended nicely together in an interactive worship service. You can expect upbeat and inspirational contemporary music along with traditional hymns at each service with all words to the songs and congregational responses up on our front screen.  Bibles and hymnals are available if you prefer, just ask an usher.

What if I come from a different faith background? You are welcome at People of Faith Lutheran Church! Some of our members grew up Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, non-denominational, etc.  Some grew up without any church background at all in addition to those who were raised in a Lutheran church. We encourage you to worship with us and see if we're the right fit for you.

Will I understand the message even if I don't know much about the Bible?  We make no assumptions about what people do or do not already know when they walk in the door. We do our best to make the Bible understandable and connect it to your daily life.

What is available for my child during the worship time? We offer a children's message each week.  After the children's message the kids are welcomed to a classroom for "JAM" which stands for "Jesus and Me."   During JAM, kids are presented with an age appropriate lesson and a fun activity or craft.  They are ushered back to worship shortly after the Sermon. For our smaller worshipers, there is a staffed nursery available each week. Oh - and don't miss the "Busy Box" near the entrance to the Worship Center.  It's filled with coloring books and activities to keep little ones busy during the service.

May I take Holy Communion even if I'm not a Lutheran? Absolutely! All are welcome to the Lord's Table. We believe the bread and wine are the true presence of Christ and this gift of grace is offered to all believers. We use pita bread and gluten free wafers, along with wine (you may drink from the chalice or there is another one with wine you can dip the bread/wafer in) and white grape juice (dip).

What's up with those candles in the sand tray? We have a prayer area set up in the back of the worship center that has a large candle lit. People are encouraged to light individual candles to put in the sand tray and offer a prayer if they desire.  This can be done at any time during the service but most do this after taking communion. 

Do I have to stand up and introduce myself? No. Not unless you really, really want to.  But we do have a "Sharing of the Peace" during which we greet each other with the peace of the Lord.  

What do I wear? God loves us no matter what we wear. If you are comfortable in a flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt, that's great.  If you prefer a suit coat or dress, that's great too!  Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Do I have to give an offering? Your presence at worship is a gift to us. If you don't want to give an offering or are unable to when you come to worship, that's fine.  Offerings are voluntary and we give in gratitude and thanks to God for what he has given us.

Do I have to be a member to participate in the mission and ministry?  No. All are welcome at worship, and all are welcome to participate in the mission and ministry that God has called us to.

What if I have more questions after worship? We encourage you to speak with Pastor after worship or stop at the Welcome Station where someone is always there to answer your questions. Alternately, you can provide your information on the clip boards passed during service and we will follow up with you!

What is the Welcome Station? It's the centralized location for information and sign-ups. Also, if you are visiting us for the first time, stop at the Welcome Station because we have a gift for you! 

How do I become of member of People of Faith?  New member classes are held in February, May and August and usually meet for one Saturday morning for those wishing to join.  For more information on becoming a member, or for information on Baptism (infant, child or adult), please contact Pastor Rick here.