Pray with Me

We believe in the power of prayer.  If you have a prayer request, submit your prayer in the prayer jar (found in our lobby), call us or fill out the form below.  We are praying for: 


For Peace and consolation for my Family and my Brother Mike Collins Family . Mike passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones on Monday afternoon in Seattle.


Prayer for My Older Brother Mike who I learned today has transitioned into Hospice. Pray for a loving and peaceful Passing for Mike and his Family in Seattle.


Pray that everyone in the ELCA congregation and our Families will think outside of their box and get a Covid Vaccination to care for others, protect our community, and prevent unnecessary suffering as we all work together to end the Pandemic.


Please pray for my friend Marilyn Barnett who was just diagnosed with Lung Cancer and as she navigates possible treatments and future care and living arrangements.


Please pray for my son and his wife Carissa. They are in the process of IVF and yesterday she had the egg transfer. Now we wait until November 10th when they will do a pregnancy test to see if the egg transfer took. Crossing fingers that I'll have another grandbaby soon.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request, you m ay submit it here.  Please be sure indicate whether we can share your prayer concerns with others or if you would like it to staff with staff.