We strive to be a place where people feel at home - experience the Sharing of the Peace with us and you'll feel the warmth for yourself!

Our opportunities to connect don't end on Sunday morning.  We reach out beyond our walls throughout the week.


Sunday morning worship is one of the primary ways we connect with one another.  

Our services are authentic, engaging and relaxed, with traditional liturgical elements blended with a contemporary mood set by our Praise Band.  Relevant preaching, uplifting music, communion and a Children's Message are part of each Sunday morning.

Hot coffee and snacks  are always waiting in the lobby to enjoy as we continue our fellowship with one another by mingling and sharing in each other's lives.



Community is an important part of our church life, which is why Small Groups are important to us.  Small groups allow you to strengthen your relationship with others, deepen your relationship with Christ and, well... have fun!  

We have a variety of Small Groups available.  Which one is for you?

  • Adult Sunday Class Small Group
  • WELCA (Women of the ELCA)
  • Men of Faith
  • 2 x 2:  Walk, Talk & Pray

"For when two or three gather in my name, there I am with them."

Matthew 18:20


Sharing God’s love through service to others is a great way to connect with fellow believers.  

Whether is it through volunteering with our own Warrior Roadhouse, weeding at Do Good Farms on God’s Work Our Hands service days, or making coffee for Sunday worship, serving together is a way to grow together in faith and love towards one another.



THE ROADHOUSE is an After-School Ministry that seeks to provide a place of inclusive community to all high school students. Community is a huge part of our culture, so we make sure to host different types of activities throughout the day. Inside you’ll find multiplayer video games, air hockey, pool, and table-top games, while outside you can expect to see a frisbee being tossed or sport being organized to play. Come see us every Wednesday from 1:30 to 5:30 PM.


Graduating high school and transitioning to the next stage of life can often be exciting, but daunting.  AFTER HOURS, offered every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 11:59 PM, is a program for young adults at this stage in their life. You can expect to find a fun game night going on, a night out on the town or organized outreach event taking place.

Contact to get involved