Our services are authentic, relaxed and engaging.  We offer a unique blend of traditional liturgical elements combined with a contemporary mood set by our Praise Band.  Relevant preaching, uplifting music, communion and a Children's Message are part of each Sunday morning worship.

Join us!  Sundays at 9:45 am  


Our Sunday morning worship begins at 9:45 am each week.  It is a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, blended together. We are quite informal and relaxed and all of the information you need for worship will be on the screen, so it's easy for everyone - even if new - to follow along.

You can expect a mix of upbeat and inspirational contemporary music along with traditional hymns at each service.

The sacrament of Holy Communion is offered each week and everyone is welcomed to the Lord's Table.  

We incorporate a children's message into every service, after which the children are invited to a classroom for "JAM" (Jesus and Me), where they enjoy an age appropriate lesson. Nursery is available for younger children. Both JAM and the nursery are staffed with teachers from our child development ministry, the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center, and we make the safety of the children in our care a top priority.  See below for more information.



We invite children into our worship space. It is important to have their voices, words, movement and energy, as they are an important part of the body of Christ!   

Each week, we incorporate a Children's Message into the service.  Directly afterward, children 10 and under are invited to  JAM! - which stands for Jesus and Me.  JAM includes an age appropriate lesson or activity focused on Jesus and his teachings.  Children are escorted back to the Worship Center before communion. 

Children are also welcome to stay with parents in worship the whole time if that's your preference!  Don't miss the backs of the bulletins and the “busy bags”  in the lobby which contain activities for kids to do.   

We also offer a nursery for younger children.  Both the nursery and JAM are taught or attended by Ms. Carmen and other teachers from our child development ministry, the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center (CLLC).  All CLLC staff are rigorously screened using FBI fingerprinting and background checks.  In addition, CLLC teachers are CPR and first aid certified for infants, toddlers, and adults, plus all classrooms are designed with children's safety in mind.


Baptism is a gift from God to humankind.  It is God acting through the Holy Spirit to unite us to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  In these “living waters”, the Holy Spirit enters us, our sins are forgiven, we have a place in God’s kingdom now and forever, and we have a calling to follow Jesus and make the world a better place.  

Baptism is not a one-time thing, but an all-time thing!  It is something to celebrate during worship as we receive the newly baptized as fellow members of God’s amazing family.  If you have questions about baptism, you can call or email Pastor Rick.


We welcome everyone to the table of the Lord in Holy Communion.  Usually children receive a blessing, unless they have completed their first communion classes or communed elsewhere before.

We offer classes (for kids of all ages!) to better understand this amazing gift of love and forgiveness. 

Please contact Pastor Rick for more details.


In the Lutheran Church, confirmation is a public profession of faith - or an affirmation of baptism.  At People of Faith, we see confirmation as more than a class or one important day.  Instead, it is part of our lifelong journey of faith. 

Our confirmation classes are focused on helping students learn more about their baptism, about God's promises to us and how their faith can be active in the their daily life. 

Under the guidance of Pastor Rick, students explore the Lord’s Prayer, 10 Commandments, and the Apostle’s Creed.  Plus, they participate in worship services and service projects, which allows them to identify more deeply with the Christian community and participate more fully in its mission. 

To participate, contact Pastor Rick.


We believe in the power of prayer.  

If you would like us to pray for you, please leave a prayer request (found in the chair pockets in the worship space) in the offering plate or in the Prayer Request Jar located near the entrance to the Worship Center.  Or, you can submit your prayer here or email your prayer request directly to Pastor Rick. You do not need to be a member to be on our hearts and on our prayer list!